Panasonic projectors have been used to help create Europe's largest permanent digital screen gallery.

The installation, named Fusion, is part of three major new public attractions at Norwich’s The Forum, a £65 million cultural centre built to celebrate the millennium. It will showcase the work of local artists, film makers and students.

To create the digital screen gallery, audio-visual specialists Snelling Business Systems installed a huge 24m x 2.5m curved projection screen.

Five Panasonic PT-DW10000 projectors with a total resolution of 9157 by 1080 pixels, were used to span the length of the screen, with their projections blended at the edges for seamless and continuous images.

Toby Wise, from Snelling, explained, "It was important for the venue to have a highly versatile solution that could be adapted effectively for the different uses of the projectors, as the idea of the gallery is to constantly change the displays and develop the space over the duration of its use.

"Setting up the projection in this room was very unusual as there are two concrete columns situated between the projectors and the screens. This meant the optical arrangement had to be programmed to edge blend behind the columns, making the project very challenging and requiring great precision," he added.