The purchase of Sanyo by electronics giant Panasonic has not resulted in a big overlap between the two companies, according to Panasonic's European head.

Laurent Adabie, chairman and chief executive of Panasonic Europe, has insisted that the deal between the two companies has not compromised the technological research and products being produced by the separate companies.

Specifying the work being carried out on their projectors, he said the companies were engaged in completely different projects.

"When it comes to projectors we are not working on the same type of products," he said. "For example, Sanyo is developing short focus projectors; we are looking at bigger systems. I don't think there is an issue."

Panasonic snapped up a 50.2 per cent stake in Sanyo in a deal completed in December 2009. The controlling interest in the company is thought to have cost them £2.8 billion.

At the time, Panasonic said it was Sanyo's expertise in batteries that most appealed to them, and the two Japanese-based companies began working on a vision of what they want to see as a more eco-friendly future. Abadie discarded the notion that there would be a clash in areas where both companies showed particular expertise, such as camcorders.