Panasonic has launched a wireless projector app for use on a range of Android devices including mobile phones and tablets.

The launch follows the company's increasing focus on integrating wireless features in its growing line of projectors.

The app enables screenshots, PDF files, PowerPoint files, Keynote files, web pages and JPEG images to be projected over a wireless LAN from an Android device to a Panasonic projector.

The app's multi-live mode also enables flexible wireless projection from up to 16 device simultaneously, including a four window index style projection, and can be applied to Android devices as well as iOS devices and PCs.

The Panasonic wireless projector app is currently compatible with the PT-VW435N, PT-VX505N, PT-VX400NT, PT-DZ570, PT-DW530, PT-DX500, PT-FW430 and PT-FX400 projectors, although some require the addition of the ET-WM200 wireless module.

The Panasonic app is mainly aimed at the business and education market and provides users with the opportunity to connect any Android or iOS device to any Panasonic projector without the need for cables or software.

Thanks to the lack of cabling, the wireless projector app also avoids connectivity issues, increasing the number of potentially compatible devices.