Panasonic launches its brightest venue projector

Panasonic has launched a 31,000 lumens projector designed for use in large venues.

On sale from October in both WUXGA and SXGA+, the PT-RZ31K series will be the brightest in the entire Panasonic range.

The company said its new projector would suit event production teams looking to maximise space and save time and money.

The new product features Panasonic’s ‘solid shine’ technology, which combines both LED and laser light sources and offers around 20,000 hours of maintenance-free use. Unlike conventional projectors, images appear almost instantly once a ‘solid shine’ projector is powered-up, the firm said.

The new range is compatible with Panasonic’s existing 3-Chip DLP™ projector lenses.

Hartmut Kulessa, European projector marketing manager at Panasonic, said: “Thanks to its dual light source technology, this new range has the potential to virtually eliminate the concept of hot back-up.

“This is sure to go down well with event production teams, as projector stacks can become smaller and less complicated than in the past, saving time and money and allowing venues to sell more seats.”

The new projector also features a Real Motion Processor, which uses frame-creation technology to reproduce extremely smooth video images with minimal motion blur.

Panasonic offer both portable multimedia projectors as well as high end installation grade projectors featuring high brightness and cutting edge technology at a very affordable price.

The new projector comes hot on the heels of Panasonic's recently launched PT-RZ575, a short throw laser projector for control rooms.

On sale from autumn, the projector is designed to be maintenance-free for 10 years and offers 5,200 lumens of brightness at a 20,000:1 contrast ratio.