The Las Vegas InfoComm show is proving to be a major go-to event for new projectors this year, with most of the major brands launching something interesting and new. Panasonic was showing off its first move into the short-throw market with its new PT-ST10U LCD projector.

From just 2.7 feet away the new projector - which will be available in the US from August and in the UK a little later on - can project an 80-inch image onto a projector screen.

This makes the PT-ST10U particularly suitable for use in cramped spaces such as classrooms and conference rooms.

In terms of clarity and brightness, the new projector offers 1024 x 768 XGA resolution and 2,500 lumens.

Teachers and trainers will love this new projector for other reasons aside from its short-throw facility: It is also perfect for using with Interactive White Boards, which can aid education through the use of projected images. In fact, the projector even has a ‘white board mode’ which will adjust the brightness specifically for white boards.

A perfect white board to use with the PT-ST10U, is Panasonic’s own Panaboard UB-T880 Interactive Whiteboard, which includes a collapsible projector mount to make it more portable between classrooms.