A series of new portable LCD projectors has been introduced by Panasonic, delivering three new small and mobile devices.

The PT-LW25H series are specifically designed for classrooms and conference rooms, according to the manufacturer, and they could be especially useful for those who require a projector for use in a number of locations.

However, image quality has not been sacrificed in order to achieve this and the projector series offers brightness levels of up to 3,000 lumens and a contrast ratio of up to 3,000:1.

Scott Wellington, product marketing manager at Panasonic Solutions Company, commented on the launch: “Our portable projector customers need devices that offer the optimal mix of performance, reliability and ease of use.

“The PT-LW25H Series projectors address these needs in a cost effective fashion.”

He added that the devices will offer a good return on investment while also helping people in their jobs.

Included among the projectors' extra features is the Real-Time Keystone correction function, which automatically squares the image, and a number of preset picture modes, that will adjust the colours to offer a high-quality projected image even without a screen.