Panasonic has updated Space Player, its hybrid lighting projector, with improved brightness and a new content management system.

The new laser projector comes equipped with 2,000 lumens of brightness and a 20,000 hour laser light source.

The Space Player PT-JX200 is designed to integrate into existing lighting infrastructure and is used in retail, museums and restaurants.

Examples of its use include creating appealing exhibits in museums by using moving pictures instead of static graphics and projecting menus on to the walls of tables of restaurants.

The device’s new content system will allow operators to do timetabled automated operation, make content playlists, input switching and brightness level adjustment.

The range is available as both a standard ceiling mount or with an optional table mount (PT-JX200F), for additional flexibility.

“The Space Player can be easily integrated into existing lighting infrastructures and gives an easy, cost effective way of creating impressive AV displays that add real value to a customer’s experience, whether they’re shopping, at a restaurant or exploring a museum,” Thomas Vertommen, European projector product marketing manager at Panasonic said.