Panasonic announces launch of 28k laser projector Panasonic announces launch of 28k laser projector

Projector manufacturer Panasonic has announced the launch of its first 28,000 lumen 3-Chip DLP laser phosphor projector series.

Set to reach the market by autumn 2016 in both WUXGA and SXGA+ resolutions, the PT-RZ31K projector has been specially designed for use in large venues and offers compatibility with existing Panasonic lenses for 3-Chip DLP projectors to enable the sharing of lenses between devices.

One of the most advanced projectors of its kind, the 28k device was originally launched at ISE 2016, where visitors were treated to a preview of its SOLID SHINE laser technology, as well as a new liquid cooling system that renders the projector ideal for installation in some of the world's largest venues and events.

Speaking at the product's release event, Hartmut Kulessa, European projector marketing manager at Panasonic, said: "We think the RZ31K can virtually eliminate the concept of hot-back up. This is sure to go down well with event production teams, as projections stacks will become smaller and less complicated than in the past, saving time and money."

Panasonic also used ISE 2016 as a vehicle for introducing its latest display and whiteboard technology, including the 32-, 75- and 84-inch displays as part of the EF1 series. Focusing on high image quality and reliability, these self-contained devices are the new market leaders, according to Panasonic.

Another addition to the brand's range is the BF1 series, which features an independent interactive whiteboard with intuitive interface. Due for release summer 2016, the whiteboard comes complete with Colour Universal Design, as well as an anti-glare screen and wired connection options to enhance the classroom experience.

Sticking with display, a third ISE 2016 offering from Panasonic included a 55-inch video wall display, due to be released in September 2016. Just like the PT-RZ31K, this new device is designed for commercial use, and is set to offer a seamless image option for signage and information displays.