Panasonic adds new model to its portable projector range

A new addition has been made to Panasonic’s high brightness LCD portable projector line-up – the VW340 Series.

The VW340 Series features two models of projector, the PT-VW345N and PT-VX415N, both of which come complete with wireless capability. The series also includes two non-wireless ready models, the PT-VW340 and PT-VX410.

Each of the projector models are different from typical LCD portable projectors, as they are capable of ensuring a higher level of brightness from a compact body.

The PT-VW345N and PT-VX415N wireless models boast new cutting-edge features including the built-in Miracast wireless capability which will be ideal for users across both the education and corporate market.

“The devices are compatible with iOS and Android applications that permit wireless projection from iOS and/or Android devices that are not Miracast-certified,” the Panasonic website confirmed.

The VW340 Series of projectors offer an outstanding brightness of up to 4,200lm as well as WXGA resolution, and deliver a high contrast ratio of 4,000:1.

The devices also come with a memory viewer function, which is able to store files onto a USB memory device for carrying out presentations without the need for a computer. They also have a USB display function to allow for easy projection using a USB cable.

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