1. The Best Projectors for Churches in 2021

    Churches and places of worship aren’t like most conventional buildings, due to the array o

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  2. Our Favourite 5,000 Lumen WUXGA Office Projectors

    In the past year alone, ProjectorPoint has seen a solid concentration of demand around WUXGA-resolution

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  3. Go Big and Bright: The Best High Brightness WUXGA Office Projectors

    Imagine the scene – you’re expected to give an important presentation to the whole office; the

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  4. The Best 4000 Lumen Business Projectors – November 2019

    One thing that businesses always come back to is that search for a projector that is not only

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  5. Bright Meeting Room? Here’s the Office Projectors for Summer 2019

    Enjoying the summer is pretty high on our list of priorities at Projectorpoint

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  6. The Best Projectors for School Halls

    Great things can happen when technology and education are combined

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  7. The Best Office Projectors of Summer 2018

    When searching for their dream projector, our customers often find that the most difficult

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  8. The Best Business Projector Releases of ISE 2018

    Each year, the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) conference is held in Amsterdam. The event always features a stunning line-up of new announcements from some of the biggest names in tech. And this year certainly didn’t disappoint.

    With headline-grabbing projectors confirmed from the likes of Sony, Panasonic, Canon and NEC – there’s a lot here to get excited about.

    The Projectorpoint team were on the ground, doing our bit to get round the stand

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  9. The Best Projectors for Bright Meeting Rooms

    Getting projectors to work at their best in office environments has always been trickier than in a home cinema. There tends to be a whole lot more natural light in your office or meeting room then there is in your lounge. And since projectors and natural light are not the best of friends, this has the potential to cause some difficulty.

    Luckily, in recent years, the best projectors for offices have been getting steadily

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  10. Panasonic’s 2017 Market-Leading Laser Projector Range

    In recent years the demand for laser projection has increased dramatically across the industry.

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