Panamorph Inc, the world-renowned specialist manufacturer of anamorphic lenses, is working with a number of projector manufacturers to have its new CineVista lens system used in the consumer market.

The lens allows for ultra-widescreen, 2.35:1 projection to be brought to projector users across the globe, while eliminating the black letterbox bars that are commonly seen on typical flat panel TVs. Top line projector manufacturers that are already using the lens include in certain projector models include Epson, Sony, and JVC.

Panamorph’s director of sales, Russell Warnhoff, said that the lens represents a new level of good value and is a “real game changer”.

He explained, “Now that our projector manufacturer partners are getting behind the launch of the CineVista by incorporating technology that allows even the most critical viewer to optimise the performance of their new system, Panamorph is in a unique position to bring high performance widescreen home cinema to a whole new segment of the home theatre market.”

The high quality of the lens at an affordable price is achieved through Panamorph’s patented electronic colour correction (ECC) projector technology, which allows their technology to overcome the limitations that have been seen previously in low-cost lenses.