Optoma’s Pico PK320 Pocket Projector has been recognised as one of the brightest pico projectors around, stacking up impressively against similar models from other brands.

The pico projector was first unveiled by Optoma at this year’s CES 2012, the flagship consumer electronics trade show. The projector had impressive brightness of 100 lumens which, when combined with its native WVGA (854 by 480 pixels) widescreen resolution, offers clear and bright images for users who are on the go.

The projector is controlled with a seven-button control panel, which is back-lit with blue LEDs, but it can also be controlled by a handy and versatile remote control.

The PK320’s connectivity lends it an impressive position alongside other projectors, with options to connect and access VGA, HGMI, and video sources. The projector also has 2GB of internal memory, allowing for plug-and-play presentations, as well as a microSD card port.

The diminutive projector also punches above its weight when it comes to audio capabilities, with a built-in 2-watt speaker that provides modest volume for sound effects that accompany presentations. If the volume is not sufficient, the projector also has an audio-out jack for headphones or external speakers.