Affordable pico projectors are likely to be found under an increasing number of Christmas trees this year, and Optoma's new GT100 Mini Projector is one of the models that is perfectly suited to be a gift for the gadget-savvy.

The projector is capable of throwing images of up to 75 inches is size and is ideal to be combined with virtually any video game system, DVD player, set top box or other compatible input devices, including laptops and tablet computers.

The model provides 50 lumens of brightness which, while not approaching the staggering lighting capabilities of some larger, more expensive models, allows for great entertaining and displaying to any audience in a moderately dark room.

When combined with appropriate external speakers, the projector can create an atmospheric home cinema system, with images capable of being projected on virtually any suitable flat surface. It offers a good WVGA resolution of 854 x 480, which is plenty for all standard DVDs.

And its impressive 30,000 hour lamplife means the £230 recommended retail price will be an investment that will last for years and prove to be a pleasant surprise for anyone who finds one under their tree this year.