1. Optoma unveils ultra-wide short throw projector

    Optoma unveils ultra-wide short throw projector
    Optoma has revealed its latest short throw laser projector for the business, education and specialist AV markets.

    The ZH300UW is an ultra-wide short throw projector that employs a solid-state laser phosphor light engine to provide users with 3,000 lumens of brightness and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1.

    The new unit uses an eco-friendly design, with a life expectancy of up to 20,000 hours of use and minimal levels of maintenance as there is no need to replace the lamp.

    The ZH300UW can operate in a variety of positions, including portrait and downward projections, which can be used for digital signage and for projecting images onto the floor respectively.

    The laser projector’s native resolution is 1920x720p at an aspect ratio of 16:6. The new unit can also project two images side-by-side at an aspect ratio of 4:3. This could be particularly useful for business meetings or conference calls, with both sides of the conversation displayed simultaneously.

    The ZH300UW has an ultra-wide short throw lens, with a projection ratio of 0.25:1. With such a ratio, the projection can show a 120-inch image from a distance of just 72 centimetres.

    For the education market, the projector includes Optoma’s TouchBeam technology for annotating charts, pictures and diagrams using a finger, eliminating the need for a separate electronic whiteboard. It is also fully compatible with Creston, AMX and Extron systems for network control.

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  2. Previewing the Gadget Show Live 2016

    Previewing the Gadget Show Live 2016
    The Gadget Show Live 2016 event, the UK’s largest consumer technology exhibition, is just around the corner, but there’s still time to get your ticket.

    The award-winning show will take place at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham from Thursday 31 March through to Sunday 3 April 2016.

    Over 75,000 people are expected to attend this year’s event, all eager to get their hands on the latest consumer technology, including the latest home entertainment projectors, touchscreen devices and all the other related gear and gadgets.

    The Gadget Show Live 2016 will be divided into four main areas: Home and Lifestyle, where the likes of HTC, Hive and Otone will be in attendance, and there even will be a specialist Home Cinema Zone; Personal and Outdoor; Concept and Innovation, with teams from technology magazine Wired and Cambridge University scheduled to appear; and Gaming and Play.

    Previous years have seen top projector manufacturers such as Optoma, Epsom and Samsung show off their latest gear and new technology.

    To find out more about the all of the exhibits at the show, there’s a free Gadget Show Live Event App, which is packed with interactive show guides, what’s on information and directions to all the exhibitors, which can often be hard to find because of the sheer size of the event.

    As the show’s promotional material states: “Gadget Show Live offers you the chance to get involved in a whole host of interactive features. Get hands on, receive advice and learn about some of the newest products to hit the market in one of our many theatres. The NEC, Birmingham, will be full of live demonstrations, gaming tournaments and Super Theatre shows.”

    To order tickets, head to the NEC website.

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  3. The top 5 projectors launched at ISE 2016

    The top 5 projectors launched at ISE 2016 The top 5 projectors launched at ISE 2016

    It’s been just a month since the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2016 conference in Amsterdam gave companies the chance to show off the latest projection tech in the home cinema, education and business sectors.

    ISE has recently cemented its reputation as the destination of choice for international AV and systems integration professionals. Around 1,100 exhibitors attended the week-long conference.

    There was a huge range of gear unveiled at the show, which saw around 65,000 attendees over the course of the conference, from the latest envelope-pushing products to rather weird and experimental product designs that may hint at the next big thing in projector technology.

    So, without further ado, here is a breakdown of the top five new projectors that were launched in Amsterdam at this year’s ISE event.

    Panasonic PT-RZ570
    Panasonic took home the Best of Show award for their latest laser projector. The PT-RZ570 utilises a 1-chip DLP for WUXGA resolution and a four-segment Quartet Colour Harmoniser colour wheel and produces 5,200 lumens of brightness.

    Lucy Meredith, a Field Marketing Specialist at Panasonic UK, said of winning the award: “A combination of technologies results in picture quality that exceeds that of competitive lamp-based projectors, making text and graphics clear and comfortable for students to view.

    “The PT-RZ570 does strengthen our line-up and it’s great to see such innovation being recognised with this award.”

    Optoma’s 4K projectors
    While showing off an impressive racing simulator at their booth, Optoma unveiled two prototype 4K projectors, one of which employed a lamp-based design with a new 4K TI chip, while the other was an LED laser-based design featuring the same chip

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  4. Optoma adds new installation projector to ProScene range

    Optoma adds new installation projector to ProScene range Optoma adds new installation projector to ProScene range

    Designed for the professional and installation AV market, Optoma have unveiled their flagship WU1500 WUXGA projector to its high-performance ProScene range.

    The WU1500 features twin lamps, six LD lens options and up 12,000 lumens of brightness at the centre of the screen, making it the brightest projector in the entire ProScene product range. Optoma also says the new unit is capable of continuous 24/7 operation.

    The WU1500 operates at a resolution of 1920x1200, offers HDBaseT connectivity via a CAT6 cable and can be operated in portrait mode. The unit also features a smattering of different blending and warping capabilities.

    The new projector can be installed at any angle within a 360-degree range so that it can be used for floor and ceiling projection, for example. The unit’s twin lamps can be operated simultaneously, or, to minimise the need for lamp replacement; users can alternate between the individual lamps in ‘lamp relay’ setting.

    Optoma’s WU1500 also features a mechanical shutter system for creating blackouts during stage shows, live events and music performances. The company say the new model is perfect for large-venue installations, including auditoriums, museums, digital signage, houses of worship, theatres and higher education.

    (Image: Optoma)

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  5. Lamp vs laser: Which path will manufacturers choose?

    Lamp vs laser: Which path will manufacturers choose? Lamp vs laser: Which path will manufacturers choose?

    Recent product announcements from some of the world's best known and established projector manufacturers have mainly focused on the release of laser projectors. To some, this signals the start of a new era in projection, but to others whispers of lamp technology advancements suggest this familiar feature of modern projectors is yet to reach its peak.

    To try to answer the question of where manufacturers are likely to focus their attention in the future, the experts at ProjectorPoint have explored some of the recent product releases and identified the potential intentions of some of the world's leading projector brands.

    A well-known name in the technology industry, Casio has encouraged rumours of a laser revolution after introducing a new range of seven affordable LampFree projectors.

    Certainly a significant investment in laser technology, the new additions to the Core Series lineup of industry-leading laser projectors have been designed to suit almost any budget, offering WXGA and XGA resolution to both home and corporate environments.

    According to Casio, the laser range offers a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours while removing the need for lamp replacement and reducing electricity consumption, suggesting the total cost of ownership is significantly better than that of lamp projectors.

    Although an equally well-known name and a leader in projection technology, Canon has opted to pursue new advancements in lamp technology rather than jumping ship to lasers.

    During this year's ISE event in Amsterdam, Canon unveiled the latest additions to its popular XEED installation projector range, including

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  6. ISE 2016: A new laser sharp start for projectors?

    The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) tradeshow is almost ready to open its doors between ninth and 12 of February at the Amsterdam RAI, showcasing the latest in professional AV and electronic systems.

    For the first time, ISE will be extended from three to four days, but it's not just the show's duration that's set to expand this year. Dedicated to providing access to the future of electronics, the show is also due to host some of the world's greatest projector manufacturers, many of which are getting ready to wow visitors with a revolution in projector technology.

    No longer content with clear images and high-end sound, consumers are now demanding more from their projector, and many of the top brands are working hard to meet their expectations. Among the latest technology on display within this year's ISE will be the best 4K devices and the innovative alternatives to lamp-based systems, laser phosphor projectors, all of which are helping to pave the way for a new dawn in projector technology.

    The World's First 4K HLD Projector

    Leading the competition at this year's event is award-winning projector and audio brand Optoma, which has promised to showcase its brand new 4K high lumen density (HLD) projectors. Developed in partnership with Texas Instruments and Phillips, the brand's industry leading device is the first of its kind, based on the 1080p LED alternative introduced by the company at InfoComm in 2015.

    Commenting on the launch, Optoma’s Head of Visual System Solutions & Technical Services, Justin Halls, said: “HLD technology will enable a new generation of far brighter LED DLP projectors with industry leading colour performance and accuracy. Optoma is proud to be leading the way and introducing it to the home cinema market in 2016.”

    Panasonic's Lamp-Free Revolution

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  7. Optoma launches first laser phosphor projector

    Optoma launches first laser phosphor projector Optoma launches first laser phosphor projector

    Specialist projector manufacturer Optoma has announced the launch of its first laser phosphor projector, the ZU650.

    The first projector within the brand's ProScene range to use laser phosphor illumination technology, the ZU650 has been designed specifically for the professional installation market and provides users with 20,000 hours of operation without the need for lamp or filter replacements.

    Ideal for use in large venues such as meeting rooms and museums, the ZU650 uses laser phosphor technology to provide consistent brightness levels of 6,000 lumens, as well as high resolution and contrast with full WUXGA resolution.

    The device also offers the benefit of flexible installation thanks to 360 degree rotation and the option of portrait mode operation, combined with a choice of an extensive lens shift range and five optional lenses.

    According to Justin Halls, head of product marketing at Optoma, the brand is excited to introduce its first low-maintenance alternative to a traditional lamp projector. "It’s the perfect solution for any application requiring 24/7 operation that demands no downtime," he said. "By eliminating the need for lamp or filter replacements, the ZU650 provides a lower cost of ownership and will future-proof any installation.”

    Optoma's announcement is already not the first of its kind this year, and follows the recent unveiling of two new laser phosphor projectors within the Christie HS Series. Joining the laser phosphor movement, the Christie D12HD-HS and Christie D12WU-HS deliver HD and WUXGA resolution, respectively, and boast the quietest performance in the industry.

    Like the Optoma ZU650, the new additions to the

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  8. Office Projectors: Shining new light on the corporate environment

    Office Projectors: Shining new light on the corporate environment
    Projectors are well-established within the education and home entertainment industry, providing users with some of the most advanced technology on the market in a bid to enhance the classroom or home cinema experience.

    However, corporate environments have also benefited from the advancements in projector technology, as office managers and corporate event leaders continually push to provide the most advanced displays possible to advance their brand.

    Many of the world's leading projector manufacturers are best known for their home theatre offerings, providing some of the most advanced devices available. However, their office projector offerings are equally as impressive, stunning corporate audiences with their versatile and immersive visual experiences.

    We've tracked down some of the best office projectors available, each demonstrating the latest projector technology while remaining focused on the needs of corporate users.

    Vivitek D555

    Despite being one of the cheapest projectors in the office market, priced at just £296.40, the Vivitek D555 still provides 5,000 hours of lamp life, 3,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, and an impressive contrast ratio of 15,000:1.

    Thanks to the integration of advanced Texas Instruments DLP BrilliantColor technology, the D555 brightens up corporate events with crystal-clear pictures, impressive blacks and flawless colours.

    Epson EB-U32

    Another top staff pick is the Epson EB-U32, which combines the impressive Full HD image quality offered on most home theatre projectors with the benefit of built-in wireless connectivity options.

    Focused on providing advanced levels of collaboration and increasing productivity in meetings, the EB-U32 also offers easy set up and maintenance, providing up to 10,000 hours of lamp life in eco mode and

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  9. Taking a closer look at ultra short throw projectors

    Taking a closer look at ultra short throw projectors Taking a closer look at ultra short throw projectors

    In an ideal world, home cinema and education projectors would always be positioned like traditional theatre projectors, offering a classic approach to top-end viewing. However, not all homes or classrooms have enough space for such luxuries, and this is where short and ultra short throw projectors come in.

    There was a time when even the latest ultra short throw projectors would leave images distorted or lacking in focus, making it difficult for users to achieve the experience offered by same technology on traditionally designed projectors.

    Thankfully, advances in this particular market have now made it possible for teachers, home cinema enthusiasts and gaming fanatics to experience the best of the latest projection technology in a fraction of the space required by traditional projectors. ProjectorPoint has created a list of some of the best ultra short throw projectors around to help you find the right device for your limited space.

    BenQ MX842UST

    Despite possessing some of the most advanced systems in the industry, ultra short throw projectors are available for users of any budget, starting from less than £500. The BenQ MX842UST is one such projector, providing all the benefits of ultra short throw for a fraction of the price of some of its competitors.

    The MX842UST provides 3,000 lumens of brightness and XGA native resolution, creating clear and detailed images that are ideal for a classroom environment. This advanced device also contains Eco Blank Mode, which allows teachers to blank out the images when they need to direct attention elsewhere.

    Epson EB-580

    Available for £912, the Epson EB-580

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  10. Optoma to unveil 4K projector at ISE 2016

    Optoma to unveil 4K projector at ISE 2016
    International projector manufacturer Optoma is set to unveil its brand new 4K projector at ISE 2016 in Amsterdam from between 9 and 12 February.

    During a statement announcing their return to the event, the brand stated that the new projection device was built on cutting-edge laser and 4K UHD technology, featuring a single DLP chip for a more efficient and smooth performance.

    The development of 4K technology in projectors and TVs has prompted a number of manufacturers to present new 4K devices in a bid to keep up with recent trends, and Optoma's display will not be the only company t showcase the latest 4K technology.

    Sony's "immersive" DOME stand will also appear at ISE 2016, featuring the brand's own take on the 4K revolution. Using their brand new VPL-GTZ270, the Sony stand will present a 'Beyond Definition' themed stand featuring the market leading visualisation and simulation projector, the ultra short throw 4K laser light source VPL-GTZ1.

    In a bid to compete with a number of leading global manufacturers, Optoma will also present a number of alternative 4K offerings at ISE 2016, including the lamp-less ultra short throw interactive projector. This state-of-the-art device features an aspect ratio of 2.6:1 and allows users to simultaneously display two 4:3 images side by side, making it the ultimate gaming solution.

    Another Optoma offering set to unseat the competition is the company's latest development in next-generation signage displays and retail solutions. These brand new digital signage solutions make use of laser phosphor projectors to enable flexible installation featuring greater colour and brightness than ever before.

    The stand will also play host to Optoma's NuForce sound range and home entertainment projection technology, which have been developed to take the home cinema experience to a new level using convenient

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