1. Projectors for Pubs - Our Recommendations for 2017

    With autumn on the horizon, that only means one thing to a lot of the nation's population - Football Season is back and the hugely anticipated World Cup in Russia is less than 10 months away.

    England are looking like huge favourites to qualify and the summer buzz of 2018 is expected to be raucous and exciting for our nation's pubs and bars.

    A survey from Ispos Mori reported by Sky found that 69% of customers of pubs and bars usually return to the same pub due to the sports they have on show. For a country that prides itself on sport and beer on game-day, pubs across the nation

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  2. The Rise and Rise of 4K Content

    Technically, 4K has been around since the early 2000s, when manufacturers began transforming cinemas with the introduction of 4K projectors.

    But take up was slow to begin with and it’s taken even longer for 4K content to make its way from the big screen into our homes. For home cinema fans, this was undoubtedly a frustration, as the 4K content question hung over projector purchases.

    Fast forward to 2017, however, and this question mark is a distant memory. Here’s why.

    4K in the cinema

    Cinema is the

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  3. Quick Picks: Top 3 Events Projectors for Summer 2017

    Whether you’re an events coordinator, a hotel manager, wedding planner or a mobile DJ, the latest range of projectors from the industry’s top brands could be exactly what you need to help your next event stand out.

    But how do you know which to buy? If you’ve a bit more time on your hands, then jump into our more in-depth article on events projectors here and take a look at our full guide to buying the right event projector.

    If you’re pressed for time, then read on for three s

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  4. Top Projectors to Transform Your Outdoor Events this Summer

    The summer is in full swing. Beaches are packed, ice cream vans have been stripped of stock and everyone’s looking to make the most of the great outdoors.

    But what if you’re attending or organising a get together and you need everyone gathered around a video or a set of images? Wedding venues, local bands and even pub gardens all face this dilemma in the summer months with guests desperate to make the most of any outdoor space available, but reluctant to miss out on viewing a photo reel, watching a film or catching the latest sports game.

    Even friendship groups are at it; wat

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  5. Optoma Broadens its Horizons with Dedicated Dome Lens

    Projection pioneer Optoma has unveiled its brand new dedicated dome projection lens, broadening its already impressive range of professional installation equipment and sending projector professionals (and event organisers) everywhere into a spin.

    Our Projectorpoint experts have put together a quick guide to the brand’s latest creation, as well as more information on how it could transform dome spaces with the touch of a button.

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  6. The Top New Projectors of 2017 (so far...)

    It might still feel as though the year has barely begun, but already the projection world is rife with new projectors as this year’s innovations hit the shelves.

    We’ve taken a look at

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  7. Optoma to Launch New Projector Models at ISE 2017

    Optoma to Launch New Projector Models at ISE 2017 Optoma to Launch New Projector Models at ISE 2017

    Optoma will launch two new projector models at this year’s ISE conference, due t

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  8. Expert names BenQ and Optoma among ‘best’ projectors

    A technology expert has picked projectors from BenQ and Optoma as being among his pick of the best devices for enjoying home cinema and TV.

    Writing in the Guardian, Jonathan Bray names Optoma’s HD28DSE and BenQ’s W2000 as some of the most “interesting and effective” projectors capable of taking home entertainment to that “next level”.

    Described as a “picture perfect” (although a little on the pricey side) device, Bray says the BenQ projector is a “movie theatre in a box”, praising its ability to recreate amazing images rich in detail.

    “The key to the W2000’s appeal is the

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  9. Optoma launches its first fixed lens laser projector

    Optoma launches its first fixed lens laser projector Optoma launches its first fixed lens laser projector

    Projector manufacturer Optoma

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  10. Optoma launches space-changing projection app

    Optoma launches space-changing projection app
    Ever wanted to transform a space into something fresh, exciting and amazing? Now you can
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