Optoma UST projectors turn aquarium exhibition into immersive experience Optoma UST projectors turn aquarium exhibition into immersive experience

The uses for projectors really are endless - they've transformed medicine, entertainment, and business. However, arguably their most exciting potential lies in the world of education.

The installation of two Optoma EH415ST short throw projectors at the Sea Life London Aquarium is the perfect example of how projection can turn an exhibition into an interactive and immersive experience.

London Aquarium's new exhibition on the Thames Tideway Tunnel aims to tell the story of the capital's amazing Victorian sewage system, which is becoming increasingly overloaded due to the population boom and excess of rainwater entering London's drains.

The main objective of set designer Riette Hayes-Davies was to show how the Thames Tideway Tunnel - an infrastructure project designed to protect the river from this pollution - will transform London's sewage system. As such, the exhibition had to be entertaining but informative enough to convey the huge importance of the development.

The AV equipment was used to project key landmarks onto a 3D map of London. By using 3D mapping, the designers could accurately map the location of these landmarks, and then project them onto a 4m-wide model.

Ralph Lambert, director at Immersive, said: “The ability for visitors to get so close to the install without casting their shadow across the image was only possible by using extreme short throw lenses which were available on the Optoma EH415ST projectors.

“These projectors are bright and have a resolution output of 1920 x 1080p, which enabled us to create our video at a combined resolution of 2832 x 1080. PJLink control was a must-have for automated on/off control.”

The video illustrates London's history and development through the use of sound effects and original photographs including some from the building of the original 19th century sewers, while the 3D mapping is both immersive and informative.