Optoma unveils latest new projectors

Optoma has announced it is launching its first ever short throw projectors.

The company revealed that the EH320UST and EH320USTi are now available, with the firm also announcing WXGA resolution models the W320UST and W320USTi.

With the projectors ranking at 4,000 lumens, Optoma claims that the devices are "among of the brightest ultra-short throw projectors available".

Optoma’s head of product marketing, Justin Halls, stated that the company is "excited" to be one of the first in the sector to be releasing a range of 1080p ultra short throw projectors.

He said: "The four new models offer enhanced learning with high contrast and Full HD 1080p resolution making it possible to include complex detail in presentations."

DLP technology is used by Optoma for the projector due to the fact that it ensures the projectors retain their "out-of-the-box image quality" and brightness throughout their lifetime.

This technology also has a benefit as they need almost no maintenance because there are no filters to remove and clean. Eco mode is another top advantage of the technology, as this offers "significant savings" for both energy consumption and lamp life, says Optoma.

Mr Halls added: "When purchasing a high quality 1080p projector model, where image quality, colour performance and contrast are important criteria, the vast majority of buyers choose a DLP based projector over those based on three LCD technology."

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