Optoma unveils latest member of the ProScene Family: ZU650 Optoma unveils latest member of the ProScene Family: ZU650

Hot on the heels of the release of its new portable projector, the GT5000, Optoma has unveiled its first projector to use laser phosphor illumination technology.

The Optoma ZU650 is the latest addition to the company's ProScene Family of installation projectors. Its use of laser phosphor illumination technology eradicates the need for the owner to regularly replace the projector's filter or lamp. When an error occurs or a lamp fails, the projector will send the owner an email to alert them to the issue.

The new projector boasts 6,000 lumens of brightness and provides around 20,000 hours of low-cost operation. Other key features include both 360° and portrait mode operation; a built-in HDBaseT which gives integrators a simple and affordable solution when connecting and controlling the projector; and wireless projection thanks to its Mini-Wi-Fi Dongle.

Jon Grodem, senior director of product management at Optoma, said: "The ZU650 is the perfect solution for most installations including museums, digital signage, simulators, control and command centres; any application requiring 24/7 operation that demands no down time.

"By eliminating the need for lamp or filter replacements, the ZU650 provides a lower cost of ownership and will future proof any installation."

The fact that the projector can be controlled wirelessly, without even needing to be in sight of the projector, suggests that the ZU650 would be ideal for events with multiple rooms and multiple projectors. Once installed, the ZU650 can also be controlled over LAN, the company has said.

Optoma has priced the ZU650 at $12,999 (£8,600) and says that it will be released later this month.