Optoma releases new DC550 document camera
A new document camera called the DC550 has been launched by leading projector specialists Optoma. This will enable teachers, lecturers and students to to share work with a wider audience.

Textbooks, maps and diagrams and 3D objects can be shown to the whole class thanks to an A3 shooting area. The output resolution is also a 1080p HD, which allows for high quality and crisp images. It has an eight-megapixel camera and allows a 17 times optical zoom. It also delivers video with up to 30 frames per second.

Thanks to its inputs and outputs of Dual VGA and HDMI, PCs, laptops and projectors can easily connect. The smart DC software also allows teachers to switch between the image and other external content stored on the PC or connected device.

The new DC550 can also turn lessons into videos thanks to its recording feature which can then be stored in on-board memory or an SD card. It also comes with an eco-friendly LED lighting which allows for three brightness settings to produce additional light. This makes it suitable for classrooms, lecture theatres, conference rooms and large areas. Thanks to its folding arm and compact design, the DC550 is also incredibly easy to store and move between rooms where needed and is easy to set up and adjust.

Bob Johnson, product manager at Optoma EMEA, said at the launch of the DC550: “Building on the success of our previous models, we took feedback from our partners and developed the new portable DC550. Its clever folding arm makes it much easier for teaching staff to store in a classroom or carry between rooms.”