Optoma releases new ambient rejecting screen ALR100
Optoma, a world-leading designer and manufacturer of projection and audio products, has released a new ambient light rejecting projector screen called the ALR100.

The screen is designed and engineered to provide vibrant images in even brightly lit rooms and is set to benefit TV viewers, gamers and sport and film watchers alike.

The specially engineered screen surface actively reflects an image of high contrast and solid colour saturation while also preventing ambient light from washing out the picture. This provides the means to project super-sized images on to the 100-inch screen at any moment of the day.

Optimally used with an ultra-short throw projector, the ALR100 works ideally with the Optoma GT5500 and the GT5000 projectors. These ultra short throw projectors allow an image fill the entire 100 inch ALR100 screen from just 30 centimetres away. This enables perfect viewing in any living room.

Coupled with the ambient light rejection screen, the ALR100 comes with a narrow bezel which looks sleek and provides a stylish and modern screen which promotes any living space. Its 0.42 gain allows superior and wider viewing angles from any seating position, proving an excellent screen for gaming or watching sports with a group of friends. The gain also allows deeper black levels for the finer details in dark scenes.

Joe Ahmed, the head of marketing at Optoma EMEA, commented on the new screen: “We are excited to unveil our new ambient light rejecting screen. When coupled with our ultra short throw projectors, the solution delivers an exceptional 100-inch Full HD image to meet the ever increasing demands for a big screen display — even in bright ambient lighting conditions.”