The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham has been rolling out new ICT facilities including Optoma projectors, for new-build projects in the area.

RM Education was commissioned by the borough to provide the new facilities at Dagenham Park Church of England School, including the ProScene EH7500 projector with a ST1 lens, which was installed in the main school hall.

Alongside the ProScene, 58 Optoma EW766 projectors were installed in the classroom spaces at the school.
Tony Matthews, lead engineer for RM Education, explained to AV Interactive how the flexibility of the projector allowed for the correct installation in the education space: “Initially, the installation was designed to drop the projector from the truss to clear light fittings.

"However, due to the raked seating, this meant the projector was in the audience line of sight when they were seated at the back. As a result, the projector mount was shortened. EH7500 provided the flexibility with lens shifting and keystone correction to allow these changes to be made quickly and easily,” he said.

The new projection facilities in both the main hall and the classroom spaces are ideal for a school which specialises in the Performing Arts, including theatre and dance.