The Optoma HD33 projector has been described as very close to “extraordinary” in one projector review.

According to David Stone, lead analyst for printers, scanners and projectors at PC Magazine, the device is “an impressive projector at a bargain price” and boasts 1080p resolution in 2D and 3D as well as some superb image quality.

However, it slips up when it comes to the 'rainbow effect'. Single-chip DLP projectors can be prone to the issue, which sees small red, green and blue flashes when light areas move on screen. Users who can ignore this effect will find very little to fault in the gadget. But, according to Mr Stone, those that are susceptible to it will need to approach the HD33 cautiously.

Other issues with the device are its lack of horizontal and vertical lens shift, which would give it more flexibility by allowing the user to shift the image without moving the whole projector.

However, it was still awarded four out of five in the review thanks to its excellent image quality. There are even a range of settings to ensure that users can get the picture that they most enjoy when watching a film or some family footage.