Leading projector manufacturer Optoma promises to simplify complex AV installations with its latest model, the WXGA W515 ProScene.

Engineered for professional installations, the 6,000 lumen high-specification projector has multiple digital connection options, making it both versatile and intuitive.

Thanks to a 1.8x zoom and a built-in geometric adjustment feature, the installer can easily adjust the shape of the image to create a square image - perfect for uneven walls or awkward projector placement.

What's more, the geometric adjustment allows for image stacking. Overlaying images creates higher brightness and has added benefits of increasing reliability and reducing the overall cost of installation.

Optoma’s head of product marketing, Justin Halls, said: “This new projector is extremely cost-effective when compared to an interchangeable lens product with the same brightness. Both versions feature a 1.8x zoom projection lens and lens shift to allow for easier installation – without the need for costly interchangeable lenses.”

He added that the geometric adjustment is extremely intuitive to use, while the HDbaseT functionality provides a simple and affordable solution to transmitting high definition video and audio.

According to Optoma, the projector is perfect for a wide variety of settings, including large classrooms, lecture theatres, museums and any professional space that demands powerful projection.

Other impressive features include full 3D support (via HDMI), powerful built-in speakers, and wired remote functionality that allows all aspects of the projector to be individually controlled.