Reviewers of Optoma’s PK301 Pico Pocket Projector have agreed that the tiny palm-sized device is exceptionally bright for a mini projector, providing high quality projected images.

The device manages to project a 30-inch image, which is full of light – meaning that the image is impressively sharp and of DVD quality. This has impressed users who were skeptical about the potential for pico projectors to generate enough light to do the job effectively.

The projector has the capability to project a 60-inch image as well but this is likely to be of slightly poorer quality – but to be honest, for most at-home use, 30 inches is more than large enough.

The mini device is only 4.7 in inches wide but still comes complete with a microSD card slot. This enables users to use the device to show off up to 8GB of images, such as photos, videos or PowerPoint presentations. All the user needs to do is use the software included with the projector to convert the PowerPoint and video files into compatible files for projection.

The projector is powered with a rechargeable battery, which adds to the portability of the mini device. Despite its size, it’s fair to say that the Optoma PK301 packs a punch in terms of features and brightness.