Optoma launches new projectors perfect for summer sports
After months of cold and rain, summer is finally within reach and sports fans are preparing to celebrate in style. For those planning a party for their favourite football, rugby, cycling or tennis event, a top notch home entertainment system will help things get off to a great start.

Projector manufacturer Optoma is among the brands targeting sports fans this summer with their new product launches. The company has recommended its H114, H183X and S331 models as some of the best for viewing sports.

Exceptional colour accuracy and excellent brightness levels make these products prime choices for watching sport at any time of the day. Add in the fact that they boast HDMI input and built-in speakers and watching the match in top quality has never been easier.

Joe Ahmed, head of marketing for the EMEA region with Optoma, commented: “The unrivalled and affordable image size that a projector offers provides an immersive sports viewing experience that brings the game to life and can be shared with friends. With the summer of sport around the corner, an easily portable home projection system is an absolute ‘must-have’ for football fans.”

The projectors can be wirelessly connected from whatever device you or your friends are using to view the match, be it a laptop, mobile device or a PC. Portability means that these are also viable options for sports fans who want to share access to a projector, using it at different locations or in different houses.

Technology has come a long way and televisions offer brilliant quality output for sports in 2016. However, when it comes to size, there is not much that can beat the top quality large image output of a projector. It's this affordable access to brilliant screens that fill your entire field of vision that keep sports fans coming back to the projector.