Optoma launches home cinema LED projector

Optoma has launched a new home cinema projector which is powered by LED technology.

The Optoma HD91 boasts 1080p home cinema projection with well balanced colours and high quality images, Optoma notes. Images can be projected up to 150 inches diagonally, with an impressive 500,000:1 contrast ratio. 3D technology is also fully integrated, meaning that cinema-quality projections are very achievable.

The LED technology used for the HD91, the latest Optoma DLP home cinema projector, means that superior colour saturation and uniform brightness can be enjoyed. In many scenarios, according to Optoma, the LED lighting offers up to three times the brightness of a comparable lamp-based projector. The device can also handle lower levels of ambient light with less impact on image quality than a similar lamp-based projector.

Justin Halls, head of product management at Optoma EMEA, commented: “The new HD91 with matte-black design is the first LED home cinema projector from Optoma. It brings big screen Full HD LED cinema into the home and delivers a truly spectacular experience for film fanatics.”

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