Optoma launches first laser phosphor projector Optoma launches first laser phosphor projector

Specialist projector manufacturer Optoma has announced the launch of its first laser phosphor projector, the ZU650.

The first projector within the brand's ProScene range to use laser phosphor illumination technology, the ZU650 has been designed specifically for the professional installation market and provides users with 20,000 hours of operation without the need for lamp or filter replacements.

Ideal for use in large venues such as meeting rooms and museums, the ZU650 uses laser phosphor technology to provide consistent brightness levels of 6,000 lumens, as well as high resolution and contrast with full WUXGA resolution.

The device also offers the benefit of flexible installation thanks to 360 degree rotation and the option of portrait mode operation, combined with a choice of an extensive lens shift range and five optional lenses.

According to Justin Halls, head of product marketing at Optoma, the brand is excited to introduce its first low-maintenance alternative to a traditional lamp projector. "It’s the perfect solution for any application requiring 24/7 operation that demands no downtime," he said. "By eliminating the need for lamp or filter replacements, the ZU650 provides a lower cost of ownership and will future-proof any installation.”

Optoma's announcement is already not the first of its kind this year, and follows the recent unveiling of two new laser phosphor projectors within the Christie HS Series. Joining the laser phosphor movement, the Christie D12HD-HS and Christie D12WU-HS deliver HD and WUXGA resolution, respectively, and boast the quietest performance in the industry.

Like the Optoma ZU650, the new additions to the Christie HS Series also offer the impressive ease of installation associated with laser phosphor projectors, as well as an option for 360 degree flexibility and portrait mode, for flexibility. Combined with colour matching technology and advanced blending, this makes the two Christie laser offerings two of the most advanced on the market.