Optoma expands ProScene projector range

Optoma’s range of ProScene projectors has been expanded with the addition of the X605 model.

Aimed at the professional installation market, the series of projectors are ideally suited for use in the museums and exhibitions market, as a result of a combination of space constraints and a need for a professional standard image.

The new X605 model boasts a centre-lens design along with full lens shift and three interchangeable lens options. One of the lens options is an off-axis short throw lens, which is perfect for smaller rooms or more intimate exhibition spaces.

The model produces 6,000 lumens of brightness and Optoma offers three optional lenses with the device, including a standard lens, a fixed zoom short-throw lens and a long throw lens. This choice of lenses allows the projector to be adapted to suit the individual installation.

Once installed, each projector in the range is able to be monitored over LAN, and is also able to offer the user email message alerts in the instance that an error occurs or a lamp needs replacing.

The device’s wired remote functionality enables every aspect of the projector to be individually controlled without the need for users to maintain a line-of-sight to the projector, Optoma confirmed.

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