Projection pioneer Optoma has unveiled its brand new dedicated dome projection lens, broadening its already impressive range of professional installation equipment and sending projector professionals (and event organisers) everywhere into a spin.

Our Projectorpoint experts have put together a quick guide to the brand’s latest creation, as well as more information on how it could transform dome spaces with the touch of a button.

Introducing the BX-CTADOME

Known as the BX-CTADOME, Optoma’s brand new dedicated dome lens has been specifically designed for the dome projection market, offering impressive 360-degree projection ideal for both temporary and permanent curved spaces.

Simple to set up, this brand new device removes the need for blending, making it ideal for deployment in complex settings such as planetariums, simulation experiences or even live events where organisers want to deliver a fully immersive 360-degree experience.

The BX-CTADOME lens has been developed to be compatible with Optoma’s DuraCore laser projectors, including the ZU650+ and the ZU850. These models are already specifically adapted for use in professional event and entertainment settings, delivering more than 20,000 hours of low-maintenance laser projection with impressive colour and flexible installation options.

Key benefits of the new Optoma dome lens

Let’s get focused for a minute. What are the key benefits of the BX-CTADOME?

  • Simple installation
  • Fixed motorised zoom
  • Fixed motorised focus
  • Manual zoom for focus adjustment
  • Addresses the need for blending
  • 180-degree field of view
  • 360-degree projection
  • Compatibility with Optoma ZU650+ and ZU850

Transforming domes around the world

While they’re seen as something of a niche in terms of projection requirements, domes are actually pretty common. They play host to millions of guests every year via music events, science displays and exhibitions and all of these events require the use of specialist projection equipment.

Previously, venues have relied on the use of edge blending techniques to create a full 360-degree image that completely engages audiences. However, the BX-CTADOME makes it possible for a single projector to completely immerse visitors, saving money on additional devices and significantly simplifying the process of engaging and entertaining people.

According to James Fursse, Technical Product Manager at Optoma Europe, this brand new technology could be transformational for temporary and permanent dome spaces around the world, where organisers and audiences alike are now demanding more from their technology.

"The demand for more immersive and engaging visual displays is growing significantly and domes create the perfect platform to create memorable experiences,” he said. “Our dome lens is tried and tested with both our ZU650+ and ZU850 DuraCore laser projectors and the result is spectacular.”

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