Optoma, the specialist American projector brand, has revealed that it will be lowering the UK recommended retail prices (RRP) of two models in its award-winning HD projector range.

The company has announced that the RRP of its ThemeScene HD82 and ThemeScene HD86 projectors, will drop by £200 and £600 respectively. They will now retail at a recommended price of £1,999 for the HD82 and £2,799 for the HD86.

The two models are among the brand's best selling projectors, both proving to be versatile and practical machines for use in homes and offices. An official price drop by a manufacturer is often a sign of a particularly popular model, with the makers wanting to give back the benefit they are making from the model to their customers.

The HD82 offers 680:1 ANSI contrast ratio and 1080p full HD, while installation could scarcely be any easier, due to Optoma’s innovative PureShift technology, which allows you to adjust the screen position without moving the projector.

The HD86 offers basically the same features as above, but integrates full lens shift, a choice of high grade lenses and second generation PureMotion2 frame interpolation - meaning judder should be kept to a minimum.