Japanese audio-visual experts Onkyo have released their newest range of home cinema receivers, which are capable of being connected to a range of projectors to deliver the optimum home cinema experience.

The four models being released include the budget models, the TX-SR313 and TX-NR414, both offer a range of connectivity options that allow for multiple inputs, including Blu-ray players, computers and portable devices. They can then be displayed through connected TVs and projectors.

The TX-SR313 also has a USB port to allow for the connection of an iPod or other media storage drive. The receiver’s versatility includes being able to support formats including AAC, MP3, WMA and FLAC audio files.

The next model up – the TX-NR414 – offers even greater options, outputting 5.1 audio, but with power of 130W per channel, as opposed to the TX-SR313’s 100W. Its network connectivity options mean it can be connected to a router using an Ethernet cable of WiFi dongle, allowing for the streaming of audio files across a home network.

There are also built-in clients for services including Spotify and Last.fm and it has six HDMI and six composite video inputs, one output of each type and several digital and analogue audio inputs.