Norwich Castle was this week used as an enormous projection screen for a 3D projector display that marked the focal point of the city’s Olympic torch relay celebrations.

The display featured a six-minute animation made to highlight the city’s culture and heritage. It was shown repeatedly and saw pictures of artwork from local children projected on to the castle in between.

Student Joe Kinch, 20, who is studying animation at the Norwich University College of the Arts, worked with the professional animators from Projection Animation on the display and said it had turned out to be a great piece of visual art, with the perfect backdrop.

“I played a big part in the film’s storyboarding and then worked on the visual, lighting and 3D effects to the final sequence,” he said. “It’s been an incredible opportunity and great experience.”

Projection Advertising’s Kelly Eagle said it had been one of the most ambitious tasks they had taken on, but had come to fruition perfectly, with four separate projectors all programmed together to create the final display.

“This is one of the longest projection shows we’ve ever made,” she said. “Norfolk’s rich culture has given us plenty of inspiration for a really spectacular show.”