The latest Nikon Coolpix camera features a built-in projector, it has been revealed.

The S1200pj is the third compact digital camera from the company to offer a projector as well after the launch of the S1100pj last year.

Using a DLP display with 20 lumen output and 100:1 contrast ratio, the S1200pj should offer 40 per cent greater brightness than its predecessor and significantly better contrast. This allows consumers to display their images and short films on flat surfaces straight from the camera.

However, it can also work as a tethered projector from an attached PC and will support playback of stills, videos and YouTube clips from Apple devices via an included transfer accessory.

Beyond the headline projector feature, the camera itself has a total resolution of 14.48 megapixels and offers a Nikkor-branded 5x optical zoom lens, which provides 35mm-equivalent focal lengths from a 28mm wide angle to a 140mm telephoto.

In macro mode, the gadget is capable of focusing up to 3cm, while its high definition 720p video capture mode with stereo sound recording allows for the device to be used for filming as well.