New York university uses Sony projectors for classroom tech

A university in New York is using projector technology to deliver premium lectures and seminars to its students.

St. John’s University is using Sony laser projection as its classroom technology standard, utilising a range of the firm’s laser projector models.

Since the Sony projectors were installed, students and faculty have experienced improvements in colour quality, brightness, speed and ease of the projectors’ operation, it was reported.

St John’s said enhancing its teaching and learning environment is a “long-term priority” with technology improvements an “integral part” of that goal.

Through Sony projectors, the university is able to deliver ‘global classrooms’ which allow guest speakers from all over the world to speak to students through Skype or Google Hangouts.

Thanks to the projectors’ fast start-up time (about seven seconds), classes can start immediately, giving lecturers more time for discussion with students.

The projectors also offer operational benefits, reducing the need for frequent filter cleaning and saving the costs of regular bulb replacement – the projectors’ light sources have an expected life of 20,000 hours.

See a video of the projectors in action here.

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