ViewSonic is aiming to brighten up the way business presentations are given with its new range of specialist projectors.

The Pro 8 Series range of projectors have been honed to perfectly suit commercial uses, featuring brightness levels of up to 5,000 ANSI lumens that can allow presentations to take place even in brightly lit rooms.

The range - which comprises the Pro8500, Pro8450w and the Pro8400 - also has the capability to deliver high resolution images to HD-quality at 1080p. This provides a level of detail that enables business presenters to deliver intricate presentations in large rooms without having to sacrifice picture quality.

The maintenance of the machines is a particularly attractive selling point, leaving them with a low total cost of ownership. The lamps in all of the models have 3,000 hours of life when in Eco-mode while the compatibility with the Crestron advanced network control makes it easy to check on the remaining lamp-life. Access to the lamp through the top cover also allows the lamp to be change with minimal difficulty.

ViewSonic's European marketing manager, James Coulson, said, “Gone are the days of sleepy presentations, where the audience strain to see what is being shown. Businesses that want a projector that is easy to manage and delivers high impact presentations should evaluate the Pro 8 Series before they buy anything else.”