ViewSonic’s new Pro8300 projector has a useful selling point. It is perfect for use in any environment where it is difficult to fully dim lights, making it ideal for use in schools and meeting rooms.

This inexpensive new projector still manages to deliver full HD resolution images and houses two stereo speakers to help those who want to make presentations without having to hook up to an external speaker system. Another feature that makes it perfect for business people who are on the move is its light weight. The projector weighs just 3.86 kg and comes in a carry case as standard.

Reviews of the View Sonic Pro8300 suggest that it will effectively delivery a rich-colour, clear image even in a normally lit room.

With regards to its features, the makers keep it simple, but there are automatic digital keystone adjustments, which makes sure the projector is really easy to move around and install in different meeting rooms or class rooms without fuss. The projector also comes with large zoom and focus controls, which are easy to use and very effective and sensitive. The zoom ratio of the device comes in at 1.5x, which means you can project an image measuring 100 inches from corner to corner form a distance of between 3.16 metres and 4.65 metres.