AV solutions provider Cie-group is offering a pocket-size and portable alternative to conventional interactive whiteboards that can be used with almost any projector.

According to the company, the new uBoard system - which consists of a small transmitter and EPen - provides everything you need for complete interactivity in the palm of your hand.

The transmitter, which has button controls, is also a magnetic mounting station that attaches to the edge of any dry-wipe board or a light coloured wall.

It operates via a USB active link, with no software installation required, and connects to a projector to provide a virtual interactive whiteboard.

The uBoard is quick and easy to set up and provides a projection surface of up to 120 inches (305cm) diagonally.

The EPen has wireless connectivity, a laser pointer and left and right mouse button and when used together with the USB receiver device converts ordinary laptops or desktop displays to fully interactive touchscreen devices.

This allows full mouse software control via the screen and incorporates handwriting recognition and drawing capabilities for design, presentation, teaching, illustration and gaming applications.

Included in the uBoard package is intuitive board software and almost 1,000 library images.