Broadcast, professional and presentation equipment distributor, JVC Professional Products, has collaborated with video display software firm, SpectraCal, to create a new interface for calibrating its 3D projectors.

The custom interface, part of SpectraCal’s CalMAN commercial software suite for JVC’s D-ILA Reference Series projectors, aims to simplify the calibration process, which generally requires using on-screen menus and a remote control. However, with CalMAN’s Direct Device Control (DDC) interface it is as easy as adjusting the relative height of bars on a chart.

The new tool works by directly communicating with the JVC projector and measuring each change to achieve the desired result.

A spokesman for JVC Professional said the interface streamlines the calibration process while providing full reporting for tracking results. It also organises the workflow into a consistent and repeatable procedure for a number of adjustments, which improves accuracy and efficiency.

The interactive interface allows users access to individual projector controls such as brightness and contrast adjustments and to set the project output to any standards without needing a remote control. Also, the new one-button CalMAN-AC automated calibration solution can automatically adjust all settings across multiple measurement points as a single operation.