A new device has been launched by the QuickLogic Corporation that will help enhance the images projected by pico projectors, through creating an even projecting surface.

The Background Colour Compensator (BCC) is a new proven system block (PSB) and works through gathering projected surface colour characteristics either from an on-system colour light sensor or user-provided data. It then modifies the projected material through a proprietary colour balancing algorithm.

The BCC technology is tightly linked with the company’s Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) technology, which provides the highest 'effective lumens' and optimising the available brightness.

QuickLogic’s Paul Karazuba said that the nature of pico projectors – that they can be transported and projected anywhere – often means that the viewer can experience some distortions due to the background, including inaccurate colour reproduction.

“As the pico projector market moves to mass adoption in smartphones and tablets, we believe our slate of unique technologies including BCC and VEE will enable QuickLogic to be a partner of choice for system designers and OEMs," he said.

"These technologies directly address important user experience issues, and adopters can be assured they are providing their customers the best possible experience available."