A new technological development that enables images to be projected on to curved or uneven surfaces is being presented at Vision 2014 in Stuttgart this week.

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF in Jena, Germany, are showing off their novel optical approach to the world.

IOF scientist Dr Peter Schreiber explained that the Fraunhofer researchers adapted a proven approach that has been used with cameras.

He said: "We close the aperture down to 0.8 mm and thereby attain huge depth of field. While the exit aperture in today's projectors is round, we can construct whatever aperture shape we want."

Dr Schreiber added that the Fraunhofer Institute's innovation can project a million images per second, compared to a typical projector's rate of around a hundred images each second.

It works through numerous 1 cm by 1 cm elements that resemble a mosaic, with each of these parts featuring a single LED and more than a hundred micro-projectors, which are manufactured as arrays.

Dr Schreiber said: "We can use this building block to work with different screen geometries and projection distances."

As well as projector technology, this year's Vision 2014 event features companies showing off innovations in cameras, illumination systems and even cables.