New research into projector technology could make liquid crystal (LC) based projectors almost twice as energy efficient and much cheaper than they currently are.

The research carried out by developers at North Carolina State University, in partnership with ImagineOptix Corporation, has come up with revolutionary polarising technology. It will allow battery-powered projectors to run for twice as long and allow all projectors to operate with twice their current brightness.

NC State associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and one of the lead researchers on the project, Dr Michael Escuti, said that the technology captures much of the light currently wasted in the polarising process.

“This technology, which we call a polarisation grating-polarisation conversion system (PGPCS), will significantly improve the energy efficiency of LC projectors,” he explained. “The commercial implications are broad reaching. Projectors that rely on batteries will be able to run for almost twice as long. And LC projectors of all kinds can be made twice as bright but use the same amount of power that they do now.”

He added that due to the cutting down of wasted light, the amount being converted to heat will also be diminished, allowing for the need for loud and bulky cooling fans to be reduced.