At this year's annual IFA tech conference in Berlin, Sony announced their new range of ultra-high definition 4K home cinema projectors, bringing the finest in 4K cinema right to your front room.

The new range combines the best in current projector resolution with Sony’s own Reality Creation technology, to offer some of the most impressive resolution processing technology on the market for, as Sony says, “consistently crisp images”.

The launch

The IFA tech conference is held annually in Berlin around this time of year, and is a known hotbed for tech firms premiering their most exciting new product launches.

In addition to the home cinema projector line-up, Sony also premiered a whole range of other cutting edge technology. Find out more about their full range of new products here.

But obviously the new home cinema projector line-up is what we’re really interested in here at Projectorpoint. Sony has long been considered an industry leader in the production of innovative and accessible 4K technology. Now, the firm’s all-new home cinema projector line-up is fully 4K; making the jump from high definition’s 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (1080p) to a staggering 4,096 x 2,160 pixels.

It's taken longer than many would have liked for it to get to this point, but with Netflix, Amazon and Apple all now creating and configuring content for 4K devices, 4K has established itself as the go-to technology for home cinema fans.

The range

So without further ado, here are the products that make up Sony’s fantastic new home cinema range.

Sony VW260ES

The most cost effective model features all the stunning glory of 4K resolution technology, at a more affordable price point.

We have to say that while it’s not the flagship of the range, this is the projector that’s got us most excited. Up until now, native 4K resolution has not really been a ‘thing’ in entry-level home cinema projectors; this could mark a change in all that.

Sony VW360ES

The VW360ES sits in the middle of this new range. It offers the same features as the 260 model, but adds in an adjustable image quality function, as well as an adjustable aspect ratio.

These extras make it perfect for viewing a more varied range of content and for home cinema fans who want to tweak the picture to get the very best viewing experience set to their own specifications.

Sony VW760ES

Finally, the flagship of the new range: the Sony VW760ES. This is the premium model, with all the finest and latest tech.

Unlike the other two models, it projects images using a laser diode rather than a lamp, offering the lowest maintenance and upkeep and the crispest of crisp images.

For the blackest of blacks and the sharpest most detailed of images, this is just about as good as home cinema viewing can possibly get. We’re impressed.

The details

All three of the new projectors feature Sony's native 4K SXRD panel, which is what powers the creation of the 4K resolution.

The premium model is slightly brighter than the other two, with 2,000 lumens, while the VW360 and VW260 products both offer 1,500 lumens each.

All three of the products feature TRILUMINOS technology, which helps to create a wider and more vivid colour palette by enhancing colours that would otherwise be more toned down. This adds to the high definition experience by creating clear and precise images.

All three products are compatible with a versatile range of screen sizes – recommended between 60 inches and 300 inches. Don’t forget to look at a high quality projector screen if you’re investing in a home cinema projector.

As you’d expect all of Sony’s new home cinema projectors offer HDMI and USB connectivity, meaning they work with, and link up to, your existing technology infrastructure. However, they also feature an HLG system which will link to broadcast and online content.

Sony’s also managed to make these three devices smaller and lighter than earlier home cinema projector models, which should make installation that bit easier.

See for yourself

The VW260ES, and the VW360ES models are now available, including right here at Projectorpoint, where they’re in stock for £5,198.40 and £6,999.00 (incl. VAT) respectively.

The final model, the VW760ES has also just come into stock. It’s a jump up at £14,998.80, but that’s the price you pay for the latest laser-powered technology model from the 4K masters at Sony.