Watching 3D movies and TV and playing 3D games at home has taken another step closer to becoming the future norm after Sony partnered with RealD, a maker of 3D technology and equipment such as eyewear. Under the deal, projector manufacturer Sony will license the company's technology to produce items expected to go on sale next year.

Commenting that Sony and RealD have worked together to create a better 3D experience in cinemas "for years", representatives for the brands said they intend to join forces "to deliver a similar premium 3D entertainment experience to the home".

"Sony has its proprietary LCD panel driving technology to reproduce full HD 3D images on the screen of new Bravia LCD TVs, which will work in sync with new 3D eyewear based on RealD's technology," remarked Sony's Hiroshi Yoshioka.

Michael V. Lewis, chairman of RealD, added: "This collaboration enables the distribution of high-quality 3D content to Sony displays through the existing HD infrastructure, a vital element to the widespread adoption of 3D in the home."

News of the partnership comes in the same year a string of 3D films hit cinemas, from DreamWorks Animation SKG's Monsters vs. Aliens to James Cameron epic Avatar.