A new advisory website has been launched to demystify the details and specifics of projector screens that can confound new purchasers.

The site, www.projectionscreen.net, has been set up by Belgian screen expert Otto Tromm, who said the impartial resource will give even the most technically unsure a depth of understanding that is unlikely to be found elsewhere.

"I have dealt with projection screens professionally for more than 10 years. I have built them, repaired them, packed them and sold them," he said.

"I felt it was time to hold nothing back and make the best site about projection screens, period."

The site showcases different screen designs and installation ideas among its resources and daily updates of the latest technicalities that might affect someone looking to set up a home cinema. It also features a comprehensive glossary of specialist terms and a summary of the history of the development of projectors and their technology.

He added, "There are many excellent resources for researching and comparing projectors, but very little that takes a brand neutral look at projection screens.”

Otto brings to the site the years of experience he has gained in the projector screen manufacturing industry and as an international correspondent for trade magazine, AV News.

He has also distilled his knowledge into a hints and tips section that addresses issues from how to manage the chemical smell of new screens to remote controls and automatic triggers.