New short-throw projectors showcased by BenQ

BenQ has introduced a new series of professional installation projectors designed for use in the classroom or other educational arenas.

The new devices, the MX823ST and MW824ST are both energy efficient and eco friendly as a result of the LampSave Mode, which is designed to adjust the power of the lamp by content brightness level.

The mode is able to lengthen projector lamp life by as much as 50 per cent, ensuring that the projector lamp is capable of providing up to 10,000 hours of usage. The lamp replacement frequency is also lowered by up to half in order to lower the replacement costs for users.

Furthermore, the projectors feature a short throw lens and are able to display 3200 ANSI lumens and 13000:1 contrast ratio. They both comprise a diverse connection panel that includes 2 RGB ports, a composite, HDMI, s-video, and a USB port.

The BenQ projectors also come with the LumenCare Mode feature, which is able to adjust projector lamp power in increments until the total power capability is reached.

The feature ensures that the projectors are able to provide at least three years of consistent image brightness, allowing for optimal learning and teaching in both large-scale auditoriums and smaller classrooms.

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