Seiko Epson have launched a new wall-mounted projector that provides users with the unique ability to operate the projected screen with their finger.

Building on the company's previous endeavours, which saw the creation of projectors that could be operated via the screen with an electronic pen, the new projector is aimed at transforming projection in an education environment.

With traditional mounting projectors, which are usually attached to the ceiling, users are often dependant on remote controls to alter settings and operate their device. The EB-595WT removes this issue, taking away the middle man between the projector and the user to allow for them to completely control their experience.

The EB-595WT is capable of supporting touch operations with just one finger, which is made possible by the internal touch sensor unit. By emitting an infrared light that colours the projector screen, the unit can detect a finger and use an inbuilt camera to allow the operation of "tool buttons" like those on an electronic white board.

The camera will also make it possible to scale and scroll through documents and applications as well as altering images, allowing users to manipulate projections and create an interactive experience.