A new projector screen from Screen Innovations (SI) is said to defy the laws of physics, by delivering the brightness and reflective properties that bring it in line with the best available plasma screen TVs.

People wanting big screen viewing at home have long been put off projectors by not being able to get their rooms dark enough to ensure optimum viewing.

The technology in the Black Diamond II projection screen, however, is apparently breaking all the rules and comes in at a fraction of the cost of conventional 103-inch plasma screens.

SI claims that the screen can improve the contrast of your projector by 300 per cent. The screen is made of flexible projection fabric, which was generally thought not as capable of producing high brightness as its rigid, glass-based counterparts.

The only hint the SI has given on how it has managed this is that the non-polarising fabric contains seven optical laminations, including a proprietary reflective layer system.

The intention behind the screen was to make it much more focused in the way it reflects light. What’s more, it manages this considerable feat without generating any 'hotspots', where one part of the image looks brighter than the rest.

The Black Diamond II is available in various sizes from 70 inches to 113 inches, which is the largest possible screen size without needing a seam.