New Minnesota Vikings' stadium offers 4K production displays
The new Minnesota Vikings’ stadium opened on 22 July 2016, and, along with its state of the art playing facilities, it also has another neat feature - the ability to produce and provide 4K video to the stadium’s displays.

The US Bank Stadium, as the new stadium is called, contains a camera system that includes nine Sony 4K cameras. Eight of these are Sony HDC-4300s which are mounted on tripods around the stadium. The ninth is a remotely controlled Sony PMW-F55. This is attached to a large beam that hangs over the 50-yard line and allows the Vikings’ production staff to show action in 4K from anywhere on the playing field. In addition, there are 1080p Sony SRG-300Hs as well as a Sony PMW-X500s which caters for a hybrid production of both 4k and 1080p visualisations.

The 4K and 1080p feed into the Vikings’ master control room, with the 4K delivering all the in-stadium displays, the streaming video content as well as all the social media live content. The 108op feed is also essential as the main LED game board is in 1080p. This means that the facility has to be comfortable streaming both 4K and 1080p at the same time.

Another feature of the new stadium is the six club areas on the 20-yard lines. These are the premium seats in the stadium and overlook the field and have full serviced bars and lounges. Ben Cating, senior consultant with Idibri, the consulting firm behind the broadcast production design at the new stadium, said: “Two of the clubs feature three side-by-side 28-by-9-foot video display walls. In addition to the nine broadcast 4K cameras, there are three fixed F55s located at each 25-yard line and the 50-yard line. When the three camera feeds are projected side-by-side, the result is an end-to-end ‘virtual window’ view of the entire field live.

“This visual is created using 12 Barco edge-blended RLM W12 projectors. In addition, some of the 116 private suites are equipped with 4K monitors,” he said.

The new Vikings’ stadium is not only an architectural masterpiece, but it’s also a huge technical advance. With its 4K and 1080p facilities, it’s sure to be a leading light for years to come.