Another new solution has been released for iPhone and iPod users who want to be able to expand photos and videos through a projector onto a flat surface.

Sapphire Technologies has launched a new mini projector, which is usable with an iPhone and with any PC or video camera.

The Mini Projector 101, transforms images from these devices into projections of up to 65 inches across. As a result, this device is a must for anyone looking for a compact, lightweight solution to enable them to show off their photographs and videos.

The projector weighs just 103 grams and is powered in a similar way to high-brightness torches and bike lights. Sapphire says this multi-chip LED technology will power the device for as long as 20,0000 hours.

The device’s built-in battery will last for two hours before it needs recharging and it operates with 14 lumens of brightness. The quality of the output at 640x480 is of high quality, whether it is an image or a video that is being projected.

The projector comes complete with a iPhone/iPod adapter, a charger, a tripod, cables for VGA and composite video.