A new LED projector line has been announced by ViewSonic, boasting a projector light that will last for around 20,000 hours.

The PLED-W200 and PLED-W500 are targeted at business travellers and those who might need to use the projector while on the move away from their PC. The W200 weighs in at less than one pound and the W500 at less than three pounds and both are easily slipped into a briefcase, laptop bag or purse.

Commenting on the launch, Roger Chien, projectors product manager at ViewSonic, said, “Mobility and energy efficiency are two main trends in the projector market.

“The PLED series transforms the projector from a cumbersome gadget to an incredibly lightweight, compact device that can be carried anywhere to meet all your projection needs.”

Both devices come with a range of connectivity options, including HDMI and a USB port. The Microsoft Office viewer option and an SD card reader also make them useful for viewing documents, PDFs, photos, videos and other multimedia files without the need for a separate laptop or PC. The W500 goes one step further and comes with 1GB of internal memory.